Cetacean Summit

Kona, Hawaii

​March 1-4, 2017

Do you love Dolphins and Whales?  Do you feel a connection with them? Do you feel like they are trying to tell you something?


The Cetacean Summit will help you open yourself up to 

dive deep into spiritual connection with dolphins and whales.


A free series of twenty 30 minute video  interviews with each of our Cetacean Summit presenters.  Each video tells how they began their relationship with the dolphins and whales and how it has transformed their lives.



Join some of the Dolphin and Whale Wisdom Experts on magical journeys to connect with whales and dolphins around the world! Touch wild Gray Whales in Baja, Mexico, Watch Humpback whales in Panama, Swim with whales + more!

Credit: Golden Dolphins Media Productions - Dolphin And Whale TV 

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    Welcome to the Cetacean Summit  
a monumental gathering and celebration of people who have a deep Spiritual connection to Dolphins and Whales!  Cetaceans have been influencing humankind throughout the ages, and now they seem to be exploring every possible avenue to guide and inspire humanity at this pivotal moment in our Planetary Evolution.


Meet the presenters of the Cetacean Summit: Joan Ocean, Laurie Reyon, Linda Shay, Mary J. Getten, Joebaby Noonan, Roberta Goodman, Madeleine Walker, Muriel Lindsay, Celeste Eaton, Frédérique Pichard and more!

Learn Dolphin and Whale Wisdom to Transform your Life Today!